This issue of the firm’s Legal Updates on Real Estate and Construction delves into the recent upswing of the Vietnamese real estate market, including the fast-rising supply of high-end condos and Ho Chi Minh City’s master plan for construction of high-rises on 930 hectares along the Saigon River. It also looks into the measures undertaken by the local and State authorities for violations in construction rules and investment project implementation. In addition, this issue discusses the key changes introduced by key legislations in the real estate and construction industries, namely the new Land Law, Residential Housing Law, Real Estate Business Law and Construction Law.

Table of content

| 1 | Vietnam real estate on upswing
| 2 | HCM city plans high rises on 930ha
| 3 | Private investors rush to pour money into infrastructure projects
| 4 | Ministry proposed revoking 260 coastal projects
| 5 | Nearly 2/3 of tenements in HCM City break construction rules
| 6 | Supply of high end condos rises fast

| 7 | Welcome changes to land allocation and use in Vietnam
| 8 | Leveling the field of residential housing among locals, Vietkieus and foreigners
| 9 | Bolstering the framework for real estate business
| 10 | Detailed guidelines on the New Construction Law on cost management, construction contracts, planning, quality control, and project management

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